Monday Breakfast Show — Smoke Radio Show

Monday Breakfast Show was broadcasted throughout the whole academic year, regularly every Monday, apart from the bank holidays, etc. It had tackled many topics ranging from the entertainment and celebrations. It had many features, many quizzes. The latters were always adequate and up to date, for instance, there was Famous Women quiz done during the time, in which there was Mother’s Day, as well as Women’s day celebrated in the UK and internationally.

Breakfast Show on Monday has been also done the feature called Live Breakfast Sessions that has been nominated for Student Union Awards in the category Best Student Media Feature. Feature’s main aim was to promote young artists’ music. They were first interviewed, next on they performed two songs – one of them was their original, second one was covered. Most performances were filmed, then uploaded onto YouTube and Smoke Radio’s website.

Presenters: Isabelle Sand, Isobel Lovett, Michail Bulgakov
Producer: Chloe Lockyer
Co-producer (2nd term): Marcel Klebba
Desk-op: Marcel Klebba

Monday Breakfast Show has got Silver award in category Best Breakfast Show during the Smoke Radio Awards 2015.


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