Film Music Show — Smoke Radio Specialist Show

Film Music Show was fraught of, apart from music from films, news, trivia and opinions on the film industry, as well as humour and awkwardness. Hosted by Film and PR student. This combination led to many discussions and clashed opinions. An audience was given two different points of view on films – one from the person that is just a casual viewer point of view, and a more academic and sophisticated view for films.

FMS has also run the marketing campaign with the University. There were several posters printed out. We also had a Facebook fanpage that we were updating constantly. All of our shows were consequently done, with well planned playlist that were consistent and smooth. Episodes were being published on the MixCloud, then put on Smoke Radio’s website, every post had a different featured image. Programme was pre-recorded in the first term, then was offered a live slot in the second term.

For the last episode we did humoristic vox-pops in which we interacted with audience, talking about the FMS’ grand finale.

Film Music Show has been awarded Bronze in the category Best Specialist Show during the Smoke Radio Awards 2015. 

Presenters: Marcel Klebba, Ben Groves
Producer: Marcel Klebba, Isobel Lovett & Ben Groves
Desk-op: Marcel Klebba


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